Dreaming of an overseas holiday? Aren't we all!

20 May 2020

8 Great ways to get your international travel (insert 'cuisine') fix right here in BrisVegas.

You can’t board a flight, but you can escape with a great meal at King St that’ll transport you while you’re grounded. And coupled with a virtual online experience, you can create that feeling of an overseas trip right in your own home. We’ve put together some great combinations to get you started. 

Transport yourself to China with Fat Dumpling 

Steamed or pan-fried dumplings, the mouth-watering stir-fried green beans, pork belly braised in sweet soy, Janet’s house curry + crispy chicken, or the prawn wonton soup with ramen – it’s all delectably delicious at Fat Dumpling. Devour your meal while you take a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China or explore some of China’s famous museums and galleries.

Fat Dumpling pork belly and broccoli

Imagine you’re on an Italian gondola with Il Verde

There's nothing more romantic than Italian food, right? And King St's I
l Verde can do all the hard work for you. The chefs at Il Verde fuse traditional techniques with ultra-modern flavours using seasonal and sustainably-sourced produce. Order a Wine & Dine for Two or curate your own mouth-watering menu from their extensive list of dishes. And don't forget dessert and wine - Il Verde's got it all sorted for you. So place your order and show your sweetheart that you're pasta-tively awesome!

To really get into the mood – check out some virtual travel to Italy where you can experience a walk through Rome, listen to an Italian-inspired Spotify playlist – just hit play, or watch an Italian-inspired movie! 

il Verde pasta dish with chilli and parmesan cheese being sprinkled

Indulge in Parisian pastries with King Street Bakery

France is the undisputed world champion of the pastry scene. But you don’t need to travel to France to taste the sensation, with the King Street Bakery right here in Brisbane. The King Street Bakery creates artisan breads and hand-made viennoiserie, tartlets, and cakes. The team of skilled internationally-trained bakers make everything on-site from scratch daily. 

Freshly made sandwiches using their house made breads are available alongside pies, sausage rolls and of course sweet treats! Pack a beautiful picnic lunch and sojourn in your own backyard, or in Alexandria Park, just behind King St. And don't forget, the key to a perfect French pique-nique is of course a superb choice of bread, and the King Street Bakery has just that!

French pastry delights

Be decidedly decedent like the banks of the Dordogne with Montrachet

Montrachet’s head Chef Shannon Kellam put MasterChef contestants to the pressure test last year so it’s no secret the labour of love that goes into his incredible gastronomic creations. With a stroke of perfectionism and unyielding passion to keep the craft of French cookery embedded into the culinary culture, Chef Shannon is the leader of a brigade of like-minded and dedicated chefs who produce decadent creations.

And now, you can create your very own French-inspired dining experience in the comfort of your own home with Montrachet’s semi-prepared take-away and delivery service. On the menu is freshly baked breads with truffle honey butter, appetisers, entrees (including Montrachet’s signature double-baked souffle with crab meat or French onion soup), signature main courses dishes, desserts and wine to match each course – all simply splendide

Set the mood perfectly with a French inspired playlist and an elegant table setting to make it une nuit a se souvenir.  Available Friday and Saturday – orders must be in before 7pm for the next day delivery or collection. Bon appetit!

Montrachet's cheese platter

Hop on a round-the-world flight with Super Combo

USA, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia, India - take your pick at Super Combo! Born and raised in Brisbane, Hao spent hours on end playing his favourite game, Street Fighter, perfecting attack combos for every character. With his obsession of that game, arcade games and his love for burgers, Super Combo was born. 

Super Combo’s menu draws inspiration from the street fighter characters. With next-level burgers that are complemented by a tasty selection of sides including chicken wings, milkshakes and a unique collection of locally and internationally sourced specialty hot sauces, Super Combo can transport you all around the world!

Super Combo burgers, loaded fries and chicken wings

Take a Japanese jaunt with Sushi & Nori

For an authentic touch and traditional taste of Japan, it's Sushi & Nori all the way. Premium ingredients make for a taste sensation, balancing traditional Japanese preparation methods with innovative modern approaches to create beautiful dishes that focus on every detail. Sushi comprises three main ingredients: fish, seasoned rice (sushi) and seaweed (nori) and Sushi & Nori perfectly create this harmonious combination of key ingredients. As well as a great range of sushi rolls, the freshly made bento boxes are mouth-watering. There's no such thing as too much sushi!

While you devour your Sushi & Nori, check out these virtual Japanese experiences – there’s something for everyone! 

Sushi rolls being hand made

Explore ancient Greece with The Lamb Shop

Yiassas! Let The Lamb Shop warm up your belly with some traditional Greek souvlaki with its signature slow cooked spit-roasted meat with fresh pitas and incredible authentic Greek sides like fresh tzatziki, and hand-cut chips. Or maybe garlic feta fries are more your thing? Open Monday to Friday 11am - 7.30pm and Saturday 11am - 8pm for take-away or some limited seating outside. 

Get in the mood by discovering Greece from Home - a newly launched website designed for you to stay safe and stay inspired about all things Greek!

Freshly squeezed lemon juice over lamb from The Lamb Shop Brisbane

Visualise visiting Vietnam with Xin Chao

With a diverse culture, ancient history and mesmerising natural landscapes, Vietnam also has extremely flavoursome and colourful cuisine. Enjoy at home or dine-in by ordering from Xin Chao's extensive menu of nibbles, buns, rolls, noodle dishes, rice dishes, and soups, described as traditionally Vietnamese and authentically Australian.

Xin Chao’s specialties include Saigon Steamed Rice Rolled Pancake, dream-worthy Crispy Pork every Friday, lots of vegetarian options as well as a drinks selection featuring Vietnamese coffee as well as kumquat lemonade, coconut crush, custard-apple smoothies, wine and beer.

With no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore, make the most of your virtual Vietnamese experience! 

Vietnamese noodle dishes

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