Brunch - it's one meal to rule them all

26 Aug 2020

Whether you want to dine in on King St, or create a perfect brunch at home, we've got the goods!

What makes a good brunch? Well, there are no hard and fast rules but it’s always good to include something sweet AND savoury, so everyone’s happy!
On King St, your top brunch spots are:

Musette Cafe - located right next to CAMS Cycling Collective, this great little cafe is the perfect meeting place for friends of cycling, lovers of coffee, and everyone in between. With a cycling-inspired food  menu (just some of the options are Crashed Avo, Get Toasted, Eggs Your Way, plus Spares (extra sides)) and a great range of caffeine and non-caffeine drinks and teas, plus milkshakes, frappes and smoothies, it's the perfect location for brunch. Open 7 days a week, it's a fabulous spot for brunch! And they have a very special deal for Father's Day too - the Big Daddy Combo Special - bacon, fried egg, halloumi, hash brown, hollandaise and spinach in a brioche bun with a large coffee - just $15.
The Big Daddy Breakfast Combo Special - bacon, fried egg, halloumi, hash brown, hollandaise and spinach in a brioche bun with a large coffee - just $15.

Kuhl-Cher Coffee - with head chef Michael at the helm of the kitchen, there's lots of brunch-able dishes on offer! There's an extensive bagel menu (Vegan, Kraut, Classic Smoked Salmon, American, Fried Chicken, B.R.A.T., Vegetarian, plus some sweet options), an acai bowl, many options for your ideal poke bowl, plus a Build your own Brekkie option too. Plus, there's a big beverage menu and of course, Kuhl-Cher's very own coffee brand that's roasted on-site, you can satisfy all your brunch needs here. Open Monday - Saturday.

Fat Dumpling - they've come up with the goods just for Father's Day on Sunday 6 September with a very special brunch menu. Open from 7.30am - 2.30pm for brunch, the Wang family has created some Dad-inspired dishes, just for this very special day. Bookings are essential. Check out what you could be devouring with Dad.

  • Me old Dad's classic - crunchy barramundi fillet / curry loaded fries / over-roasted grape tomato / rocket leaves
  • Brekkie Bao - spiced chicken & lamb chunks / cucumber / tomato / corriander / in steamed plain bao
  • Healthy Papa - pan-fried mushroom / broccoli / beans / bubble tofu / rice hash browns 
  • 4  protein max: grilled sausages / soy-rice dumplings / pebble eggs(2) / baby spinach & rocket 
  • Plus a special cocktail menu available from 12noon for lunch, and for dinner from 5.30pm.

One of the very special dishes available on Father's Day at Fat Dumpling on King St

But, if you want to create the ultimate brunch experience at home, we've put together some great tips for you ... and remember, brunch without champagne is just a sad breakfast. 

Baked pastries are always a hit
On King St you can grab some amazing pastries from the King Street Bakery (open Monday - Friday), but you'll have to make sure you don't eat them before your brunch date!
Freshly baked pastries available from King Street Bakery

Coffee is key so keep it flowing
King St is home to some brilliant brews, so pick up a bag of your favourite beans to delight your guests with. There's Kuhl-Cher Coffee's very own roasted blend, La Macelleria has Italian Segafredo, Emporium Barber with Paradox Coffee, Northside Coffee Brewers with Black Sheep beans, and Musette Cafe serving Veneziano. Why not sample them all on King St and then grab a bag of your favourite blend. 
Showing La Macelleria, Kuhl-Cher Coffee, Musette, Northside Coffee Brewers and Emporium Barber - all offering great coffee on King St

Fresh fruit is fundamental
Strawberries are in season now - think of those beautiful Ekka strawberry sundaes - so make sure you have plenty on hand! Grapefruits have had a great season in Queensland too and they add a fantastic tang to so many dishes. 

Serve special spreads and butters
Gorgeous jams or flavour-infused butters add a special touch to any brunch with plenty available from your local supermarket or deli. Why not try something new!

Get the drinks right
If setting up at home, include some sparkling wine paired with some fresh or frozen fruits. Again, strawberries are a wonderful addition to any drink. And get the kids busy with some smoothies - let them create their own. 

Use your prettiest platters, crockery & cutlery
Don't worry it nothing matches, that just adds to the relaxing vibe of brunch with family and friends. Search through your cupboards for any special plates or serving dishes that rarely come out - now's the time to use them!

Add some fresh flowers
Splurge yourself with some gorgeous blooms for the table or serving area and use a beautiful jar or vase to really show them off. You can continue to enjoy them long after your guests go home. 


Meet Kuhl-Cher Coffee's head chef and discover what he considers a great brunch!

Published 28 August 2020