La Macelleria


The concept of “La Macelleria” was born in Bologna, the Italian capital of Gelato.

In 2012 Matteo, with a background in Economics, decided to follow his own dream and export the real Italian Gelato to Australia. He wanted to bring the heart of their city, Bologna, with its inimitable culinary tradition to Australia through their Gelato.

Matteo gained his own experience by opening La Macelleria. The name’s meaning, if you translate it from Italian, is “The butchery”. Now, don’t be fooled… the reason it is called La Macelleria is because the site of their original Gelateria in Italy was an old and historical butchery in Bologna. Matteo decided to maintain the name and key characteristics of the butcher shop, but selling Gelato! This is La Macelleria’s fourth store in Brisbane, with other shops at Teneriffe, West End and Coorparoo.

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