Meet King St: Bianca of Kuhl-Cher Coffee

4 Jun 2021

As one of King St's bustling cafés, Kuhl-Cher Coffee's manager Bianca, is guaranteed to be busy from the moment the doors open at 6 am!

We joined Bianca for a coffee (roasted at Kuhl-Cher, of course) to chat about what it's like being part of the King St community.

Tell us a bit about Kuhl-Cher Coffee: what's it all about?

At Kuhl-Cher Coffee we roast all our own coffee blends and single-origin beans. Through carefully curating the taste profiles of each coffee blend, we are able to create memorable experiences that delight all your senses and warm the soul. Kuhl-Cher Bowen Hills is our flagship café, where we not only provide fantastic coffee, we also serve meals, house-baked treats and other beverages.

What was your hospitality journey before ending up as manager of Kuhl-Cher Coffee?

I’ve been in hospitality for some time, managing a wide range of venues from fine dining restaurants to bars, hotel restaurants and nightclubs, but coffee and cafes have always been my favourite!

Tell us a bit about the Kuhl-Cher Coffee community.

Kuhl-Cher is our way of life. Family-owned, grown and evolved, Kuhl-Cher Coffee is a melting pot of Greek and Australian culture, an undeniable passion for coffee and creative collaboration between friends and family.

What's your go-to spot along King St (aside from Kuhl-Cher!)?

My team and I all live close by so we frequent most places along the street but Welcome to Bowen Hills would have to be one of my favourites. I love live music and the vibe in the venue.

What's your coffee order, and what do you recommend people try at Kuhl-Cher Coffee?

I drink a long black which, made on our Royal Blend, is absolutely fantastic! We also have a rotating single-origin bean available in our café. We use our single origin for a wide range of different brew methods, which are definitely worth trying, including batch brew, cold drip and espresso fizz!
A close up of freshly brewed coffee at Kuhl-Cher Coffee.

Where’s the coolest place you have ever enjoyed a cup of coffee?

Sitting on the top of Morans Falls, a plunge waterfall in the Lamington National Park. I have a portable hand-held espresso maker and it was a nice way to relax and take in the view!

What do you love most about King St?

The people for sure. There is a real sense of community around the area. It's nice seeing familiar faces every day. 

What’s your favourite thing on the Kuhl-Cher Coffee menu right now?     

Definitely the Crispy Pork Belly Benny – crispy fried pork belly, corn salsa, spiced popcorn, 2 poached eggs, chipotle hollandaise, jalapeno dust on a New York Bagel.

A delicious plate of breakfast food including an egg, some crisp pork crackle and some maple flavoured popcorn.

Are you a dog lover?

Yes, I am I dog lover -  I have three. Zoe who is a stag hound cross, Charger an American staff/bull mastiff cross & Rocket is a miniature dachshund.

Be sure to ask Bianca for her recommendation the next time you drop into Kuhl-Cher Coffee for your coffee!

Published: 3 June 2021