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Terms and Conditions

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By entering King Street Car Park, you agree to be bound by these conditions. If you do not accept these conditions you must immediately proceed to the nearest exit and leave the car park.
  1. You enter and use the car park at your own risk. We are not liable for and you indemnify us against any cost, expense, liability, loss, damage, claim or proceeding (whether direct or indirect, howsoever arising) we incur in relation to:
    a. Personal injury to or death suffered by you or any person or
    b. theft loss, destruction or damage to any vehicle, property in a vehicle, or any damage to the car park, arising out of, or in any way relating to the use of the car park by you
  2. You must while in the car park, comply with all its signs and all directions and request made by us. In particular, you must:
    a. Park in designated bays only and not cause any obstruction;
    b. Comply with all signs and notices displayed in this car park;
    c. Not park anywhere that we designate as no parking or reserved;
    d. Not use car bays set aside for mobility impaired unless you are lawfully entitled to use these bays and display a current permit;
    e. Not enter the car park with a trailer; and
    f. Motorcycle’s are subject to the same fee’s and conditions as cars.
  3. The Owner and/or Manager may at any time request that you leave and/or remove your vehicle from this car park if you:
    a. Breach any of these terms and conditions; or
    b. Disturb, inconvenience or injure any person or damage any property or vehicle in the car park or cause or permit any of those things to occur.
  4. We may deny you access to the car park or your vehicle or may enter, move, drive or park any vehicle by towing or otherwise, at any time if required by law or deemed reasonably necessary for the safe operation of the car park or to remove your vehicle if it parked in contravention of these terms and conditions.
  5. You are responsible for securing your vehicle in the car park.
  6. Neither the Owner or Manager shall under any circumstances be liable or responsible for any injury, loss or damage to person or property, whether arising in bailment, contract or tort or otherwise. All injury, loss and damage to any person or property is at the sole risk of persons entering in and/or leaving their vehicles in this car park. 
  7. You must not distribute pamphlets; engage in any commercial activities or use wheeled recreational devices within the car park. You must not bring or leave any offensive, hazardous or dangerous materials, nor anything that may become a danger, nuisance or inconvenience to us or to any person lawfully in this carpark. If you do you shall be deemed as trespassing. You are entitled to a period of free parking in accordance with the schedule of fees displayed in the car park on your first entry into the car park. If you leave and return to the car park on the same day you will not be entitled to an additional free parking period and will be charged as though your period of parking has been continued without departing the car park.
  8. Further to clause 7, childcare free parking period for ‘pick-up’ is 30 minutes for vehicles returning to the car park.
  9. Parking fees will be charged in accordance with the schedule of fees displayed in the car park. If you bring your vehicle into this car park you agree to pay the parking fee as set by us. We may prevent exit of a vehicle until we are satisfied that any fee is paid and we will not be liable to you for doing so.
  10. Daily charge rolls over at 0200am.
  11. Free period is valid Monday to Friday only, you must enter before 6pm to be eligible. Entry after 6pm will be charged the evening rate.
  12. We collect license plate and vehicle information through cameras in order to operate the car park, manage operations and provide services, features and functions related to the use of the Car Park. All information is treated in accordance with the privacy policy, which can be found at
  13. The car park may be patrolled to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions and any other signs and directions and requests made by us.
  14. In these terms and conditions:
    a. We and us refers to Lendlease (Bowen Hills) Pty Ltd (ACN 127 727 351) and their related entities, employees, contractors and agents.
    b. “Manager” means The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (ABN 41 417 513 726) and its authorised agents, contractors, employees, successors and assigns.

Security phone number: 0499 900 161