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10.4 Fit incorporates the 10 Components of Fitness in a fun and results-based program for all fitness levels. Push yourself to your limit 4 days per week with our fitness community to see some real results.

But how does our system work, well, our system is different. It’s not good enough to just work hard… You’ve gotta work smart also! That’s our difference.

Our Programming - Our evidence-based fitness programming makes it simple to get in shape, stay healthy and look great. Through our app, we deliver full management of our periodised 10-week program and we leave no stone unturned as we work towards your goals and the 10 Components of Fitness. That said though, although we believe that we should be well-rounded in our capabilities, our program is particularly good at transforming your body and its composition to be stronger, leaner and more toned. Think of our system as a ‘Look Good – Feel Good, Move Great’ kind of a training system.

Our Options - 10.4 FIT founder Josh has been around since 2011, and in that time he has discovered that the fastest and longest-lasting results come to those who work hard, smart and consistently over time. With this in mind, our system is driven by accountability and the latest in evidence-based training & nutrition methods. Either join as a 24/7 Access Member and exercise how and when it is convenient for you, or get involved in Small Group Personal Training (groups of 6ppl), one-on-one Personal Training, or combine all three options for fast and long-lasting results. It’s really just a matter of what works for you.

Our Results For You - When it comes to seeing immediate and lasting results, good nutrition, a scientifically based training plan, and consistency are essential. 10.4 FIT gives every member two free personalised nutrition plans, a periodised training program and regular InBody scans, to make sure you’re reaching your goals. Trust our process for 3 months and enjoy the results.

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