Meet King St's Matteo Zini

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From Bologna to King St, gelato-master Matteo Zini’s journey has been nothing short of sweet. We’re here with the scoop on Matteo’s inspiration behind La Macelleria, what exciting ventures the future holds, and what he loves most about King St.

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Kick off yoPop in sometime to meet Matteo, and experience the gorgeous gelato creations from La Macelleria! 

Tell us about your background, professionally and personally! 

I was born and raised in Bologna, the capital city of gelato, of course! My background is economics. I graduated from the University of Bologna and have a masters degree in Trade Marketing. I started this gelato adventure seven years ago when I was attending courses, and since then, it has been my passion!

What's your favourite Gelato? 

My favourite flavour is Crema Bologna, our egg custard gelato with an infusion of lemon zest and vanilla beans!
What are you working on now? 

Besides La Macelleria, I also work as a consultant in the gelato business, and travel a lot around South East Asia. I will attend and make gelato at the Coffee Expo in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and also do some gelato demonstrations in Malaysia. I’m also consulting a young couple, customers of La Macelleria, that decided to move to the US and open their own gelato shop!

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

I think it’s hard to find just one person who inspires you in your life, I think it will change depending on the time of your life. At the moment, my biggest inspiration is my 11-month-old son. I think kids have a lot to teach us, not the opposite. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Possibly back home. I miss Italy, my family, friends and the lifestyle over there. I would love to be able to spend more time there, maybe six months there (on holiday!) and six months here (for business).

Tell us what you love most about King St? 

I think King St has a lot of unexpressed potential. They choose really great operators (something that you don’t always see in other precincts) and have a very good mix of food and cultures. There’s a lot of initiative shown and stuff to do, people just need to come and discover this new Brisbane reality!