IKUNTJI STYLE MAIN GALLERY |11 March – 3 June 2023


CULTURAL LIASON: Roseranna Larry

ARTISTS: Hayley Dodd | Keturah Zimran | Kumuntjai Nampitjinpa Dixon | Kumuntjai Napanangka Jack | Kumuntjai Napanangka Nolan | Leonie Kamutu | Lisa Multa | Maisie Jugadai | Maisie Ward | Mavis Marks | Mitjili Napurrula | Molly Jugadai | Pam Brown | Susie Lane | Virgillia Multa | Walter Jugadai | Zakius Jack

CURATORS: Dr Chrischona Schmidt, Cassandra Lehman



MEDIUM: fashion, furnishing, homewares and accessories

Hero Image Credit: Keturah Zimran, Puli Puli Rock Story fabric. Image courtesy of Ikuntji Artists.

Image Credit: IKUNTJI STYLE window display, 2023, artisan Main Gallery on King Street in Bowen Hills, Photography Louis Lim.

IKUNTJI STYLE presents the design-led journey from a remote Central Australian desert community to a global brand.

Situated in the community of Ikuntji/Haasts Bluff, and founded in 1992, IKUNTJI ARTISTS was the first art centre established by First Nations women in the Western Desert Art Movement and the first arts centre from Central Australia to release its own textile collection.

Highly sought-after by high-end retailers, galleries, catwalks, and red carpets around the world, IKUNTJI ARTISTS has become a style leader and signature brand.  The journey has been beautifully documented, videos and photographs show the evolution of the designs and the personal empowerment of the artists. Every design conveys meaning, preserving and bringing the stories of these First Nations people from the either Western Desert or Central Australia to the world.

Featuring fashion, homewares, furnishing and work by the artists of IKUNTJI ARTISTS and exquisite photographic portraiture by Tobias Titz and Christian Koch. IKUNTJI STYLE presents the range of fashion, furnishing, homewares and accessories, the traditional stories they embody and the artists who share them. 


Image Credit: IKUNTJI STYLE fashion display, 2023, artisan Main Gallery on King Street in Bowen Hills, Photography Louis Lim.

IKUNTJI STYLE RESOURCES: |  Furniture Collaboration  |  Limited Edition Print Book  |  View Press Release March |View Media Release February



1. Model: Raychelle Mckenzie, Maker: Charlie Shone & Darwin Middle School, Fabric: Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon ‘Tjilkamala Rockholes’, Earrings: Fiona Garrett-Benson.
2. Model: Jadene Croft, Maker: Felicity Flowerdew, Fabric: Keturah Zimran ‘Puli Puli’, Earrings: Fiona Garrett-Benson.
3. Model: Philamena Mckenzie, Maker: Marcia Russell, Fabric: Roseranna Larry ‘Warliyajarrayi’ & Mitjili Napurrula ‘Watiya Tjuta’, Earrings: Fiona Garrett-Benson
4. Model: Lucas James, Maker: Suzie Fry, Fabric: Keturah Zimran ‘Puli Puli’.